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Her Big Black Man

Her Big Black Man
By: DramaSex (

Copyright 2005 All Rights Reserved

Sandy was sitting at the steering wheel of her black convertible in a haze. She was in a parking lot.

It was broad daylight. Her skirt was lifted all the way to her waist. Anyone who walked by would get an easy look at her snatch. She was masturbating. Her breasts were partially exposed, but covered by her arms and hands as she played with her nipples.

Her blonde hair was tied back, as it always was when she had errands to run. She kept her clothing to a minimal as always. It was too hot in Los Angeles to wear a lot of clothes when you were doing so much running around in this kind of heat.

She licked her left nipple, allowing her tongue ring to slide over it. She felt shivers run through her body. The heat mixed with the breeze and moisture on her nipple made for a stimulating combination.

With her other hand, she gently touched the nub between her legs and rubbed it. It didn't take long for wetness to appear. Her pussy was soaked in seconds.

She took a quick look around to make sure no one was there and then closed her eyes. Visions of her sexy boyfriend started playing in her mind's eye. He was very tall, very black, and very muscular.

She thought of how they got hooked up. Her friend introduced them to each other a year ago when she was 24. The attraction was there immediately. By their second date, he had her bending over the car outside in daylight showing him her pussy and ass.

It was bold and exciting. He brought that side out of her. That was probably the reason she was always getting horny whenever she was in her car. It reminded her of the feelings he gave her that day.

She drove to his house. The whole time she was feeling the stick shift in her car and rubbing the knob at the top like it was Darren's cock.

She let herself into his apartment and sat in his chair. She continued masturbating just enough to keep her pussy wet.

When Darren walked in, her eyes lit up, but he didn't seem too surprised by what he saw. Darren knew the effect he had Sandy, so seeing her with her legs in the air playing with her cunt wasn't anything to be shocked about.

They said hello and smiled at each other. Darren dropped to his knees and crawled up to her. Sandy's mouth flew open as she watched Darren's head getting closer to her crotch.

He opened his mouth. She let out a gasp. His mouth closed around her clit. He started sucking on it. Sandy gasped again, this time louder and her breathing deepened.

He only gave a couple of quick sucks to tease her. He kissed his way up her body and then kissed her lips. He stood up and started undoing his pants.

Sandy teased his cock first. She played with it through his underwear. She stroked it and blew her breath on it as she gently bit it and fondled his balls.

Throughout it all, she could feel it getting harder. Darren was moaning a lot more. She could feel a tremble in his legs. She reached into his underwear and softly grabbed hold of his cock.

"Ohh," moaned Darren.

She felt it twitch in her hands. She rubbed her lips on it and let the warm air from her mouth flow across it. Now his cock was throbbing and jumping in her hand.

She playfully bit at his underwear before she pulled them to the floor. His cock jumped out at full erection?eight inches long and ready.

She grabbed it and shoved it in her mouth. All sensuality had gone out the door. She was sucking him hard and jacking him off at the same time while she used her other hand to play with his balls.

Sandy's blowjobs usually lasted a lot longer, but she could tell by his body language that Darren was excessively aroused and would pop his load before she had a chance to get fucked if she kept sucking him like that, so she stopped and lay on the big chair.

She stretched her legs over either side of chair and looked up at him. He knelt to get his cock level with her snatch, and gently slipped it inside her hot, wet hole.

"Oh, fuck! Oh! Oh!" she screamed. She'd been waiting for this all day.

She eyed him as he pounded her in the chair. His sculpted body was flexing with every move he made.

Sandy started stimulating her clit. It felt so good. Her moans were getting really loud. This was the most four-letter words that she had used all year.

Seeing his girlfriend squirming under him was making him insane with lust. Sandy had to hold onto the back of the chair to keep from being knocked off.

"Ohhhh! Oh, fuck!" she bellowed. "Oh, my god!"

It seemed like the more Sandy screamed, the wilder Darren became. He pinned her legs in place with his upper body and kept slamming it in her.

The whole time he wore this sultry grimace on his face as if he didn't care how it felt to Sandy as long as it was good to him. His demeanor turned Sandy on however, so the more he showed he didn't care about her, the hornier she became. Her pussy was the wettest he'd ever felt it.

He pulled her off the chair and forcefully made her bend over it. Then he rammed his cock in, grabbed her by the shoulders, and brutally fucked her from behind.

It made for some deep penetration. He was hitting her G-spot every time.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck my fucking pussy! Fuck yeah! Oh, it feels so fucking good!" she screamed as she grit her teeth and braced herself for a hard orgasm that left her thrashing and screaming for more despite having a sore pussy. And how could her pussy not be sore considering Darren was fucking her so hard that he was making the chair move and rock.

He pulled his cock out and tossed some blankets on the floor. Sandy lay down. Darren turned her on her side and lifted one of her sexy legs in the air so he could easily penetrate her snatch.

"You like fucking my pussy, my tight little fucking hole," Sandy said as she watched him drilling into her.

She loved the contrast between the colors of the skin, her lightness coming together with his darkness. It was a beautiful sight.

"Oh, god! Oh, fuck! You're so deep inside my pussy."

He grabbed Sandy by the waist, flipped her onto her knees, and mounted her from behind. At this point, he wanted to cum, but he wanted to degrade Sandy as much as he could before he did it.

Sandy's pouty cunt lips were soaked. She was spanking her pussy and screaming as Darren drilled her.

Darren could feel the tingles growing steadily more intense. His legs were dead tired, but he wouldn't stop banging his girlfriend. It was like he was trying to shove his cock completely through her.

Darren kept thrusting for everything he was worth. Her pussy was so wet and tight and the way she was screaming was bringing him close to his own climax.

He groaned loudly, pulled his dick out, and started jerking it in Sandy's opened mouth. She opened wide and closed her eyes as sweet globs of cum landed on her tongue and lips. She savored its scent and taste as she let some of it spill from her mouth onto her heaving tits.

She opened her eyes. She looked at the pulsing cock bobbing a few inches from her face and smiled. It made her think of the stick shift in her car.

Now every time she drove somewhere, she would get horny for black cock. It was kind of amusing to her.

Copyright 2005 All Rights Reserved

My Step Brother Part Two

My Step Brother Part Two [part 2 of 2]
By: Horny4u (

It was a couple weeks later and most of the days had gone by normally for Erin and John. But today would be different, oh, how it would be different.

John got home around 8:30, and was surprised to find that Erin was not home yet, she almost always beat him home, cause his soccer practices ran so late. Then he remembered that she had an away volleyball game. A terrifying thought popped into his head, "at least I'll get to see her in those spandex shorts." Was I a pervert? Well, she's only my stepsister, and she is gorgeous. Will see how things go tonight.

He took his shower and got into bed, he stayed awake until Erin came in. It was ten til eleven. She turned on her bedside lamp, which gave john the perfect view of her outline. He figured well that's all I'll get to see so he started to close his eyes when he saw it. Instead of going into the bathroom to change like she normally does, Erin started removing her clothes right there.

After removing all her pads, shoes, and socks, she finally got to the part John was looking forward to, the Jersey. She crossed her arms in front grabbing opposites sides of her jersey and lifting it up straight over her head. Then she snapped the bra off, and let it fall to her ankles. She turned to pick them up and gave John a perfect view of her tits, nipple and everything.

This gave him an erection like he'd never had, it was throbbing and already begging to cum, but he knew he had to hold it until she got into the bathroom, otherwise she'd hear him. But the next thing she did almost broke him, she stuck her thumbs in her spandex shorts at her hips and started pushing downward, first over the swell in her hips, then past the knees, and finally down to her ankles. And there in all it's splendor John could see the outline of her clit, and pubic hair.

He nearly lost his hold and cummed. But he saved himself at the last instant, allowing the time it took Erin to get into the bathroom. The he let it go, and it was the biggest wad he'd ever shot in his whole life.

Erin was disappointed he'd been able to hold it, he plan the entire time was to catch him, so she could see his dick. But it hadn't worked. Oh well, there's always next time.

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Constant Harmony, Ch. 10 -- Romper Room

Constant Harmony, Ch. 10 -- Romper Room [part 10 of 15]
By: theblackwren (

We got into Ann's car very quickly, and out down the driveway in silence, Ann's eyes on the street with a strange kind of intensity. I could tell she was pretty angry about Connie not letting us have sex in the manor, but I could only get so upset, given the amount of sexual release I'd experienced within its confines right under her nose, with just about every relative of hers in the house. The fact that I was still sporting a writhing hard-on after it all was nothing short of amazing, and caused me to study her with a hungry eye.

"Are you okay, baby?" I asked.

She nodded, not taking her gaze off the road. "I guess you can see I have some issues with my mom, the control freak," she said after a moment, turning a quick grin on me.

I smiled, trying not to think about how I'd so thoroughly tasted her mother's delectable snatch less than an hour ago. "Who doesn't have issues with their parents at some point?" I quipped.

Ann's smile widened as she nodded, and as we got a few miles away from the manor, she seemed to relax considerably. Her blouse, a brownish flesh colored thing with its buttons ending just above the chest, hung loosely against her body, concealing what I knew to be a baby blue bra supporting her curvy white knockers. The sleeves on it were translucent, and even though I couldn't really see her skin in the darkness, I found myself trying to study her body as she drove on in silence.

Yet I was still unable to stop thinking about her fine mother.

God, Connie had a great body. Her legs, ass and stomach were smooth, strong, and supple, much more so than I'd expect in a woman her age. And those magnificent tits... those full, firm C-cups now had a pair of hickeys she'd commanded me to put on them, just before Ann and I left. If she were the poster-woman for 48-year-old mistresses, my 25-year-old cock would be on board in an instant. I suppose it already was, in a way.

"I can't believe you wanted to make love in a taxi cab," she said after a few moments, snapping me back to the present.

I looked over at her. She had kind of a sly grin going, and a naughty twinkle in her eye as she looked sideways over at me. I felt her hand gliding smoothly across my lap and squeezing against the thick meatiness of my erect cock, confirming that I was every bit as ready to go as I had been in her room. A low groan emerged from her as she gave me another lustful clasp, and I felt my breathing falter as I twitched and pulsed beneath my khakis.

The car was slowing down as she pulled off to the side of a fairly dark and secluded section of road right as she pulled her hand off of me. Looking at her, I noticed she was now hiking her black skirt up the length of one smooth, creamy leg. As we came to a stop, she leaned her seat back, smiling over at me and loosening her blouse to reveal cleavage I could not clearly see but knew was beckoning to me.

"Sweetie," she crooned, intentionally weighting her breathing so her chest rose and fell erotically, "I'm a little stressed. Would you please give me one of those special kisses you're so good at? I'll make it up to you, right here, right now!"

Wow, this was new. Ann had never offered me sex in a car, even if this was the first time (well, technically second) we were alone together in one. I wondered briefly if being around her family somehow sparked a streak of sexual competitiveness, but was soon diverted to the site of her pulling her skirt fully over her waist as she laid back in her seat, leaving her strong lovely legs bare and inviting to my gaze.

Briefly hefting her nether section into the air, she laughed softly as she pulled her panties all the way down her legs, to rest around her ankles. Pulling herself back, she grabbed my face and pulled me in for a hot, tight kiss that was full of tongue and bursting with passion, which I eagerly reciprocated, sliding a hand under her blouse. She pulled back, pushing my hand away as she lay back in her seat, re-hiking her skirt up to reveal her unclad, virtually hairless pussy.

"Give me some head, baby," she said, pulling me across the passenger's seat. "I really need you to make me feel good..."

I pulled back momentarily, re-positioning myself a little better. It wasn't easy to just lean across the front of a car to give your girlfriend oral sex, even if there wasn't any gearshift obstructing the way. Pushing my seat back, I dropped to my knees, reached across to under her seat, and depressed the seat fastener. She pushed her seat back also, suddenly making much more legroom available in the driver's seat.

"Lift your leg," I said, moving it around my head as I leaned in to her side of the car. I kissed the inner thigh as I got around it, eliciting an immediate quiver of anticipation from Ann. I slipped my arm under her left thigh, cupping my hand on top of her quad, effectively pinning her down while supporting my lean-in. As I buried my face in her hot pulsing muskiness, I could feel her right thigh leaning against my left shoulder, unable to completely relax. It was an awkward position, but the best we could expect from the front of a car.

"Hoo, yessss..." Ann crooned from above, almost immediately straining and tightening her legs and pussy where I was running my tongue. I applied a little more pressure with my hands, clamping her down a little harder to keep her from getting too excited in this difficult position. "Mmm, baby... I've been wanting this all day. To feel you inside me... ah! To know you're tasting me... drinking me?oh!?in like that..."

And I was drinking, let me tell you. Ann had been serious; she was ready to go, and already fountaining a steady stream of her salty fluid as my lips and tongue made contact with her pussy. I soon found myself alternating between greedily slurping up streams of her heavenly secretions and lashing my tongue quickly and forcefully across her lips, labia and clit as best I could to keep her pulsating.

Apparently it was working. Her breathing was not only becoming more erratic and loud, but I could feel her legs and nether section practically shaking themselves apart as I kept my efforts going strong for her. I soon felt both of Ann's hands grabbing my hair with surprising force and pushing my face almost violently further into her steamy slickness as she ground herself harder against my mouth, trying to fuck my tongue like a madwoman.


It was at that point the orgasm took her, her steady trickle of juices erupting into a full-on rush. The intense quaking of her body exploded as she snapped her legs and snatch into a desperate clamp, writhing exquisitely as a high-pitched squeal involuntarily escaped her. She relaxed for a moment, as if spent from the effort of climaxing, then began shaking again, her breathing and volume elevating once more as I dipped my mouth back into her honeyed box. Another writhe and clamp?and relax. She did this several more times, each instance becoming a little less intense than the last, until we'd been at this for almost fifteen minutes and she was almost completely relaxed from afterglow in her driver's seat.

I sat up, my lips and tongue sore, along with my neck and knees, but I didn't care. Ann looked relaxed and loose as a noodle now, and she had a smile that was infectious in its simplicity: she looked about dazed with fulfillment, and I had done that. Laying back in my own seat, I turned my head and smiled at her, laughing slightly.

She returned the laugh with a satisfied chuckle of her own. "Wow," she intoned in a long breath. "You really hit the spot."

"I aim to please," I retorted, innocently as I could.

"Oh, you do," Ann said, exhaling long. I was now acutely aware of her chest rising and falling with her breathing again, and watched her blouse as she continued her weighty intake and expulsion of air. "In fact, I want to show you just how much I appreciate your efforts on my behalf."

She sat up, her smile virtually glowing in the dark, and loosened another button on her blouse. "Take off your pants, babe," she said. "I want full access to my Ken."

I could feel my heart catching in my throat with those words, and I knew at that moment I was hers to do with as she pleased. I pulled down my khakis and underwear in one quick motion after I loosened the zipper and button, and was soon lying bare-assed on the passenger's seat. Ann started to lean over?was she going to give me head?!?but soon re-positioned herself so that she'd moved herself on top of me on the passenger's side. It was mere moments before she'd effectively straddled me, slipping my ramrod shaft into her eager warm pussy with a gratified moan?from both of us.

"Have you ever been fucked in the front seat of a car?" she asked, impaling herself fully on me and grabbing the tops of the seat just above my shoulders. I shook my head?I'd fucked in the back seat before, of course; and I wasn't a stranger to getting head in the driver's or passenger's seats?but I'd never fucked in the front seat like this before. "Well, you can thank me later," she said with a grin, "by letting me eat yogurt off your stomach in the morning!

"Did you notice you forgot to put a condom on?"

Oh, fuck, she was right. Not that I was particularly worried; Ann was on the shot, and Connie and Raquel struck me as women who knew things about themselves and their partners that went beyond the scope of normal. The Harmony women in general, if they were as good at bedding men and keeping them around as they seemed, had to be proficient at keeping unwanted surprises at bay. So I wasn't worried about that either.

It took me a moment to nod, and Ann's smile widened as she shook her head. She seemed to think I was starting to change my mind.

"Oh no, my little boy toy," she crooned, flexing her musculature at our love connection, causing me to flinch involuntarily and thrust up into her fleshy, intensely tight and pleasurable pussy. "I'm taking what I want from you tonight. You're fucking me raw tonight, and there's nothing on earth you can do about it. Is there?"

With every emphasis of her words, she flexed again, causing me to thrust up into her over and over and over. Ann had always been tight, and with the added 'bonus' of not having a rubber on, the sensation of my unbarriered hardness inside her steamy snatch effectively doubled the intensity of our lovemaking. I tried halfheartedly to push her off me, but she clamped down on the chair and pushed herself even harder down on me, laughing easily as she did. I slipped my hands under her shirt and tried to lift it and get at her tits while she fucked me (or more accurately, made me fuck her), but she denied me even that.

"No, I don't think so, stud," she murmured softly, her breathing intensifying as my involuntary coitus ravaged her in new ways. "You're not getting any titties right now, because I'm having too much fun making you into my little slave."

"Baby," I pleaded in a desperate whisper, "please?"

"No," Ann said, dipping her head to kiss me. She stuck her tongue in, taking command, continuing to make me fuck her, driving me closer and closer to a full-on collision into orgasm with each flex. "You're mine right now, slave. You're gonna give me whatever I want, because you like servicing me. Don't you?"

"Yes," I breathed, not believing how good this was. She already had me seconds away from cumming, and I wasn't sure if it was because of the new unprotected intensity of her tightness, her little snatch trick, or her unnaturally seductive air of command. Maybe it was all three.

Hey, I've already said I like strong women.

"Then you better cum now, slave!" she whispered into my ear, then bit it.

That did it for me, I was gone. I threw my arms around her waist, burying my face in the top of her blouse and kissing what I could of her silky skin as I thrust even harder and more desperately up into her glorious nether section. The wave of orgasm took us at the same time, and I could feel her quivering and shaking as I pushed even further up into her, shooting wave after wave of hot fluid into her velvety slit. Soon we were all groans and hard wetness and pleasure and pain and sweat, seizing each other in a mutual death grip, then collapsing in a musky wave of softness and warmth and comparative silence.

After a small eternity, I looked up at Ann, and she smiled down on me, my little blonde angel, and we kissed softly.

"Was it good for you?" she asked with a little giggle. I nodded, smiling gratefully. I was spent, for now.

"That was amazing," I replied, with a long sigh. We kissed again, and I had to ask. "What brought that on?"

"I don't know," Ann said. "Just wanted to try something different. But did you notice how different it felt without any protection?"

I nodded, but this wasn't news to me. Hell, I'd just had raw sex with Raquel earlier. Thrice!

She sighed, laying her head down on me. "It felt much more... intense. Gratifying. Orgasmic. I think we need to keep doing it that way."

I snorted, smiling up at her. "As soon as you give me oral sex, I'll be more than happy to give you this."

She fixed me with a cocked eyebrow. "And what if I just keep taking it from you, like this, Mr. Smartypants?"

"I'll be ready for you next time."

Now she gave a long sigh, one of exasperation. "You and your conditions," she growled, lifting herself off me, but still smiling. "You know, I'm used to getting what I want. And I want this."

Yes, Harmony women were doubtless accustomed to getting what they wanted all the time, I was learning. "Then you'll give me what I want," I replied, pulling my pants back up as she moved back to her seat and readjusted her clothing. "Quid-pro-quo, babe. I'm not being unreasonable."

She fixed me with a half-skeptical look, but relented, for now. As soon as we were re-clothed and reasonably decent, she started up the car and we made our way to the parking lot in Yonkers near the train station.

Video For Auction

Video For Auction
By: Cum Girl (

Video for Auction

Good evening and thank you for choosing to read my story. I have a video for auction. One copy only; 30 minutes of Master and Cum Girl. Would you like to know what the video contains, dear reader? What you can bid for, what you get exactly? I will watch it for you, I will write an account of its content so you can decide its worth. I'm going to curl up here on Master's sofa, tuck my legs underneath me, peek between my fingers and ...

The screen flickers into life and there I am sat about 10ft in front of the camera on a hard backed chair; the lighting is dim, but I am clearly lit. The chair is positioned centrally in a room; Master's living room, my home. I am wearing a front fastening dress with a cardigan over and my hands play nervously with the ties that hang just below my breasts. Around my neck you can just make out my collar, dull black leather contrasting with alabaster skin, the occasional sparkle of reflected light off the metal studs. My head is bowed; waiting.

Master appears; walks behind me, reaches for my hands, brings an end to the nervous fingering of material. The cardigan is removed, I am compliant and obedient as He pulls it from my shoulders and then, with a sudden movement the front of my dress is pulled apart and I am revealed. Breasts and stomach; small breasts, flat stomach, my pale skin almost luminescent, nipple jewellery gently swinging back and forth like tiny pendulum.

Immediately, Master has me stand and the dress is pushed down over my rounded arse cheeks, over the slight curve of my thighs, till it falls out of sight on the floor beneath my feet. For a moment I stand totally exposed, the glory of my nakedness starkly displayed for the camera lens's attention. I take in this image of myself; smooth, hairless, a soft glow about my skin, thighs and stomach taut, my waist pinched, my hips flaring out beneath. I am neither hourglass nor reed stem; neither Rubenesque nor catwalk model thin.

I regain my seat; knees fixed together, my hands in my lap kneading each other. Master moves behind me His clothed body in stark contrast to my exposed nakedness. He places His hands on my shoulders and begins to caress me; gentle strokes running across my shoulders, my back and down my arms. You can see Him playing with my hair; stroking it down, caressing my skin with its fine ends. My eyes shut, the rise and fall of my shoulders becoming more pronounced.

Master's hands move to my neck, stroking down its length with the back of His hand. My head lolls, falls to one side and then forward, my face half covered with my hair. His mouth is at my ear now, His hands moving to my arms, nails dragging down to the elbow then across running palms over my breasts, and in an instant His fingers are rammed into my mouth. Three fingers, I think, rammed into my gapping mouth, sliding them in and out as His other hand finds my breast, squeezes inward till my nipple is captured. Involuntarily my knees start to part giving a tantalising glimpse down my inner thigh to my soft, moist centre.

Master stops; leaves me there panting for a moment He steps out of camera shot; returns with a black something in His hand; a black something that is pressed up against my mouth; a black rubber something; my black rubber butt plug that is sliding inexorably into my slowly opening mouth. Then He fucks me; fucks my mouth with my butt plug, the blackness shimmering with my saliva as it slides into me, out of me. The soundtrack is filled with my breathing, heavy, rasping, spluttering around this rubber intrusion. My breasts are captured, tormented, I am shaking, knees spreading wider as Master lowers His head to mine and whispers that word ..."Cum". My body arches backwards, my torso pushes upwards, breasts towards ceiling, thighs parting and my whole body heaves as the orgasm floods through me.

I'm sorry, dear reader, but I'm just going to have to pause there for a minute. It seems a bit hot in here and I'm getting a little ... um ... flushed. When Master says "Cum" all that Cum Girl wants to do is obey and well if you just give me a moment I'll be right back.

Okay, now where were we?

As I sit there transported, Master moves. The butt plug is pulled from my mouth; He raises my arse from the chair and slides it into my obviously drenched pussy before pushing down on my shoulders, leaving me fixed and shuddering. He's off camera again, returns with a roll of silver metallic duct tape. He places His hands on the inside of my thighs, spreading me, pushing my feet to the outside of the chair, exposing for the first time my shaven, naked, butt plug filled pussy for the camera lens to appreciate.

Master steps behind me, pulls my hands back behind the chair, the duct tape held between His teeth, pushes me back so I am sat up straight, my arms straining behind the high backed chair. There is a heavy rasping sound, the sound of tape being pulled free; tape to bind my wrists helpless, secure and fixed behind me. I sit, head bowed, compliant, near motionless. Another rip of tape and Master pulls my head up by hair and covers my mouth in shining silver. He inspects His handiwork and must have been dissatisfied with the result as the first piece is quickly covered by a second.

I am transfixed watching myself being secured to a chair, watching my breasts rise and fall, watching the movement of the tape in and out of my mouth. There I sit, willing victim; ready, vulnerable, available and eager for whatever will happen next. All the while Master is securing me further; more tape, this time around my ankles, spreading me, leaving me fixed and exposed, stuffed on my butt plug and taped to the chair. Cum Girl immobilised for Master's pleasure.

Curled up on His sofa, surrounded by the smell of Him, my thighs squeezed tightly together, one hand somehow trapped between them, my tongue teasing the tips of the other as it rests on my bottom lip. Watching, remembering, dreaming, wanting it all again and again and again.

Master looks me over; seems satisfied with what He sees. He steps behind me, places His hands on me, caressing and teasing my torso, my flesh quivering at His touch. His mouth is at my ear; unheard conversation is being whispered and on the video I nod my response happy and content at being at Master's mercy. His hands become more demanding, soft caresses swapped for nails dragged over my skin, the pace frantic now; stomach, shoulders, breasts, nipples captured and released, flesh abraded, fingers moving heavily across my lower stomach and down, down until they find my parted thighs. I stretch upwards, push hard against my bonds, my head back, my neck and collar exposed for all to see, breasts and stomach quivering, the rise and fall of tape across my mouth rapid, my thighs shaking as Master pinches and abrades them, my whole body trembling as another orgasm overcomes me.

It takes a while for my breathing to return to normal, for my body to be still once again. It takes a while; and in that while Master has been fixing electro pads to me. Two pads stuck to my pubis, nearly touching, centred above my sodden pussy, positioned as close to my butt plug filled wetness as nature allows.

Master is still behind me; holding me, His mouth at my ear, His hands roving over my body. He kisses my cheek, pulls my head back our lips meet separated by the thick tape. We kiss endlessly, my body vibrating beneath Him; my body fluttering, shuddering, contracting with orgasm on orgasm beneath Him. His hands roam across my body again and again, His mouth butterfly kissing across my face; cheeks, eyes, nose, mouth, forehead and neck. I cum again; my breath heavy, my pelvis bucking, the sound of pussy juices flooding out around the butt plug clearly audible. His hand is in my hair, pulling my mouth up towards Him, stretching me, His other hand covering my breast and my body shakes again as the pleasure overwhelms me.

Thighs slapped, thighs abraded. I push them wider begging for Master's hands upon me and He gives me what I need, what I desire. His fingers find my clitoris, find the base of the butt plug, flicks across one, pushes and releases the other. Frigged and fucked; frigged by His fingers, fucked by the warm wet rubber of my plug. My pelvis pushes forward to meet Him; the sound of rubber sliding into my gaping pussy reverberating through my eardrums. I cum again. Master pauses as my body jerks uncontrollably and then as my orgasm subsides fucks me hard with the butt plug; His fingers strumming my clitoris. Fast, fast, faster; my body tensing and pushing ever upwards in synchronisation with each thrust.

I am not allowed to masturbate, it is forbidden. I can sit here thighs spread to allow the air to cool my over heated pussy, fingers nervously stroking down my inner thigh, dribbling wetness sliding between my arse cheeks to soak into Master's leather sofa, the smell of me filling my nostrils. I can sit here like this and watch my video for you but I must not masturbate.

Afterwards there is stillness and a sense of calm completeness. There is an exchange of kisses; lips to tape covered lips. My pelvis bucks; the TENS Machine has still to complete its cycle and is still pounding shock after shock into my pubic mound. Master reaches down, spreads His hands over the pads and from the tensing of tendons you can tell that He is pushing them hard against my skin making the connection absolute. The next shock lifts me from my seat; rising up only to return with a loud squelch as I am once again skewered on my butt plug.

Now He is pulling me up, holding me trembling, the top of the plug nestled at the opening of my pussy. My body flails as electricity shoots through me. I exhale loudly and then He pushes me back down hard till I have absorbed the plug once more. He moves His hands; holds me across my stomach with one arm and places the other around my neck, pulls my head backwards, pulls my torso backwards and then in a smooth, continuous motion starts to move me up and down on my plug. My legs dance as the electricity pulses through me.

I sit and watch. Sit and watch me, Cum Girl completely, totally and utterly vulnerable. I sit and watch as Master uses me. This is who I am. This is what I am. I could fill my steaming pussy with my slender fingers, slide them into the knuckle, I could soak my hand with my cum and I could knell before Him when He returns, confess my inappropriate behaviour, throw myself at His mercy and await my punishment.

On the screen, nails are pushed into flesh, dragging across my stomach, the skin angry red in their wake. The whole process repeated endlessly, my pubis rising and falling as now I loose control completely and fuck myself on my plug. I cum; rocking back and forth as I rub my clitoris against the hard surface of the wooden chair, my plug buried so deep as to be invisible, my breathing filling the soundtrack.

Master pushes my head back and walks to my side. I am more horizontal then vertical now. I am a sacrifice on Master's altar. He pulls the plug from me; looks it over and then rams it between my wide spread thighs deep into my drenched core. Fucking, fucking, fucking.

I explode; cum gushing from my spread lips, soaking the chair and my thighs. Master drenches His hand in my pleasure; takes it and smears it across my stomach, my breasts and my face. The plug returns; He slaps it into me harder and faster, again and again; the soundtrack full of my ragged breathing and the sound of rubber smashing into soaking wet flesh.

I'm cuming endlessly now. Orgasm on orgasm; my legs wobbling, my stomach a thousand contractions, breasts rising and falling in an ever ascending tempo, the bright silver tape sucked deep into my mouth as I struggle for breath. The electro pads fall from my body as the frenzied pace accelerates, my pubis, my pussy a blur of movement as my body arches, extends, holds itself expectant and then ...

I collapse this time; my body falling in on itself, head to chest, legs attempting to squeeze themselves shut but held fast by the tape at my ankles. Master wraps His arms around me, nestles His head into my hair and holds me close. Slowly, He raises my head, turns my face to His till our eyes meet. Eyes locked on each other, He reaches up and rips the tape from my mouth. I flinch at the suddenness but then He lowers His mouth, our lips join, tongues intermingle, my mouth coated with saliva, His and mine inter-joined. He pulls away slightly, I can feel His breath hot on my face, His mouth moves:


I do; one last time, unaided, unassisted, strapped down, secured, orgasming for Him, for the camera.

I do; one last time, sprawled, panting on His leather sofa, legs flung wide, breasts bared, nipples stiff between my finger tips, my body trembling as I obey His command, as I cum for Him.

"What do you say, Cum Girl."

"Thank you, Master."

Master rips the tape from my wrists and ankles. The latter causing me to cry out. I reach for Him.

"Crawl to the camera, Cum Girl. Say thank you to the camera."

"Yes, Master."

I slide from my chair, down onto all fours, crawl across the room till my face fills the whole screen, till the lens is filled with me.

"Thank you, Master."

That is how this story ends. I have watched my little video for you. I have sat and panted along and now I am sat looking at my pleasured face staring at me from my screen, His name heavy on my lips. How about you, dear reader, would you like to watch such a video? Would you like to own such a video? I am taking bids and all you need to do is send me an ESMail and maybe ... just maybe ... it could be yours.

Cum Girl x

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cassie Birthday

Cassie Birthday
By: Black Frisbee (BlackFrisbeeErotica@yahoo.comno@email.address)

AnnotationHappy Birthday Cassie  A day to be put on the calendar. No hole will be virgin after this shit !

Cassie Birthday For Black Frisbee Erotica By Styles Blu

She was always talking that shit about wanting to be adventurous or crazy. She was always looking at me with that tilted headed smile when we saw different couples doing things on movies or on the street. One time we saw a lady pop out of a sunroof naked from the waist up she could have been totally naked for all we knew. I laughed and tried to figure out if her nipples were hard. Had to be though. It was a cold night.

Cassie just looked and tilted that smile at me. So after a while I just decided that I was gonna do it. I remember it like it was yesterday, because I was sitting in a barstool in a truck stop and Cassie had headed off to the bathroom and I was putting my cup down and watching her tight frame do quantum physics in the jeans she had on. I could see her ass and my reflection looking at it from where I sat and that is when I decided. Her 29th birthday was coming up and that was the day that Cassie would get a nice big present from me.

It was 6am on Cassie's birthday. She was on her back in her bed as naked as the day she was born. Her hands were clamped to the headboard and her eyes were rolled back in her head watching her mind work. Her soft brown hair was sticking to her forehead in places and one strand lay across her open mouth. Her legs were open in a wide v while her pussy smacked and squelched around my hard tool. Her titties didd a bouncing wabble as my hips drove what seemed to be a mile of hard dick to her insides.

We hadn't had sex for a month leading up to her birthday. My idea. The pussy was more than ready. "Ho... Ho... Ho... m-my... g-god" she panted with the strokes that slammed into her inner workings with enough force to keep her cumming back to back. Cassie came hard, But this was just the beginning.

We lay in twisted sheets with arms laying across each other. A platinum tennis present still hanging from one of her slender wrists. Cassie wasn't skinny at all. Her body was live and curvaceous. Her breasts were big on her frame. A D-cup I think but I never asked her. I let my hand continue pinching the nipple as we look up at the slowly swirling ceiling fan in her condo by the beach.

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked her. My hand leaving her pinched nipple for moister territory. "I thought you were gonna plan out my birthday." She said gasping a little as my palm brushed her sensitive clit. "Ahhh, so you remember huh?" She smiled and turned her soft eyes on me. "yeah I remember. I been looking foreword to it. I like how it started out so far though.

The thing was that this was far from the December Birthday I had planned. The day was unseasonably warm. Close to 75 degrees already. Overcast but California was like that. Mmmmm" she said as my finger dove into her swollen pussy. "Do you also remember the deal we made?" "Yeah yeah, she said remembering on the spot. "If you could make it the month without raping me, I would do whatever you said on my birthday. Simon says." "without hesitation !" I added for clarification "yes...without hesitation baby." She said tightening her pussy on my finger. "Mmmmmm" I smiled my secret smile and pulled my finger free just before she came. "you bastard." She said with mock anger. "You teased me." "Did i?" I said innocently, and received a pillow in the side of the head for my trouble. We ate and showered and were out of the house by 11. We did the usual shopping and walking till lunch time and then we had a light one. I had a couple things on the agenda and I didn't want to mess up my timetable. The day was warm for this time of year and since she didn't have a lot on I just decided to take matters in my own hands.

"Cassie." I said as we rounded the hill on highway 1; "Simon says...Take your top off." She looked at me with apprehension. Then remembering the deal, she steadied herself and took several deep breaths. She knew what was up and her top came loose then off. Her breasts welcomed the hot mid day sun as she leaned back in the seat and threw her hair up and over the headrest. I smiled and hit the switch for the CD changer and let some sounds fill the 2006 Impala. "You so crazy." Is what she said after a while and a few car horns. I just smiled and turned off onto the whindy road leading to her condo. Trees hugged the road and privacy was the battle cry in this area. Cassie felt a lot better about her semi nudity in the seclusion of the private neighborhood. As we swung past her condo entrance she sat up. "Where are you going? You just passed my house.." I looked startled and turned into a driveway as if to turn around.

It was then that a couple guys in ski masks jumped out and grabbed the door on Cassie's side and pulled her kicking and screaming from the car. Her breasts being groped by a large dark hand as she twisted. I dove to the ground as a hankerchief was stuffed into Cassie's mouth and she was drug into the house. A large black sack was thrown over her head and she was captive.

On her knees in the strange house Cassie was stripped and rubbed with oil. She was tied to a table on her hands and knees. The table was short and her wrists were secured, as was her ankles. The bag was styfeling as she tried to cry from fear and excitement. She had heard my voice saying "Simon Says" in her ear, and almost laughed out loud at the relief she felt at all this being planned by her crazy boyfriend.

Without warning a hand smacked against her naked ass and a finger ran the line from her pussy to her backbone. Cassie shivered from the touch as the finger parted her trimmed pussy. A sheet of some sort was thrown onto her back and the hood was removed from her head. The sheet hung down over her head and she still couldn't see anything. When it as raised, all she could see was the hips and hardening dick in her face. A hand stroked at the thick black cock. It was about 7 inches but she had become used to more.

Without warning, a thick thumb dove inside her and she gasped at the invasion of the large digit. The large dick in her face was in her mouth and fucking by the time she caught her breath. The fat dick slid in and out of her mouth as hands were firmly applied to her arched back. The pressure between the shoulder blade made it seem to her that he was fucking her mouth Doggie. The anonymous man rolled his hips into her face. She sucked it on instinct. It pulsed in her mouth and every time it did Cassie sucked it harder.

The thumb inside her combined with the hand and fingers parting her sensitive pussy lips was snatching her breath in gasps. The feeling against her clit was incredible to her and she came on the annonomous hand that continued to work her G-spot.

The dick continued to push deeper and deeper into her mouth. There was no where for her to go. No way for her to slow the penetration. No control for her with this dick in her mouth. She was at the dicks mercy. Soon the dick was fucking her mouth like a pussy. The balls smacked against her chin and spit ran freely from her open mouth. She couldn't close her mouth or breathe until the weilder of the dick said so. "Mmmmooooh mmy good !" Cassie managed to moane around a throat full of dick. The hips crashed against her open face until with a grunt it began to buck and spirt cum in her mouth and on her face as it popped free her puckerd lips.

The weilder of the dick withdrew letting the sheet fall over Cassie's head as the hand drew another earth shaking orgasm from her shaking, gasping frame.

The table was adjusted as the hand pulled free her clutching box. It was lowered, and the front dipped. A

"Simon Says !" I let echo off the walls as I watched Cassie recover on the slanted table. My tongue dove into her wet pussy from behind her and I had the satisfaction of feeling her pussy lock on my stiff tongue. I lapped and ate at her pussy until she was down on her elbows and still I pressed my mouth on her. She came back to back as another dick was pressed into her sexy ass mouth. This dick was longer but skinnier so it dove deep into her esophagus. She gagged a little but the relentless thrusting had her purring like a kitten after a while. Soon she was cumming again. Her pussy gushed as I squeezed her ass on my face.

I cranked the table to proper height while I listened to cassie get her throat fucked. I then slid my dick back and forth along her open pussy until my dick was shiny with her juices. Her body arcked and hunched to try to get me inside her but I had other plans. I put the head of my dick in against her virgin asshole and popped the head in. "Yeeeeaaaahhhh !!" she screamed around the dick in her mouth. I waited till I felt her ass relax and then I pressed my slippery dick deeper into her asshole. I held it half way inside her until the dick that pistoned her throat added it's pulsing creamy treat to her mouth and face.

The door closed behind our mystery guests, and I noticed that Her eyes were watering as I pulled the sheet from her and she looked around at the opulent great room all lit with candles. There was only Cassie and I in the room now. She was trying to catch her breath but the ordeal thus far had left her breathless. Breathing to the crackle of the fire. The medical table she was secured to was only a couple feet off the floor and I was standing flat footed with my dick half way up her ass. She turned her head on me as I stood with one hand on a glossy hip,and the other held a glass of wine. "Simon says." I said toasting her. "Happy birthday. I said. Candle light danced on her horney face. I swallowed the contents of the glass and pressed my dick into her bowels to the balls.

I held it there for a beat and then slowly fucked her asshole with my hand in the small of her back. At first she seemed as if she would cry and I almost stopped. Then she began to back her ass up on my hard dick. I was 9 inches and almost as thick as her wrist. My balls met the lips of her pussy with a kiss. Soon I was sliding from dick head to balls in her ass and she was like pudding on my dick. I slapped her ass and pressed her titties into the hospital table. "oh baby !" She looked back at me with her eyes looking like pools of water in moonlight. "Fuck me baby. Fuck my tight little ass baby. Fuck me !" With that I was more than happy to oblige.

My hips rose and fell with crushing force. My thrusts smashed her ass and left the cream from Cassie's pussy running off my balls. "Take this dick you bitch !" I spat slapping a shiny ass cheak. "You tight assed bitch you ! Take...This...whole...dick !" I chanted as I banged away at her open asshole. She moaned and cried out as I fed her a long serving of cock meat till she came back up on her hands from her elbow. I grabbed a handful of her wavy brown hair in a tight fist and fed her tight ass stiff chocolate until she began to whimper and shake. My hand played with her stiff clit as she came down my hand and wrist. "You banging my asshole baby." Cassie whined as I drove deeper still. "Bang your little slut baby. Bang my tight hole." "What the fuck am I doing to you Cassie?" I said slapping her clamping ass and filling her ass till her stomach hurt. "Oh my god you fuckin me baby... you fuckin the shit outta me !"

Hell yeah I thought as I leaned back and filled her bowels with squirt after squirt of hot sticky cum. As I wiped us down with a warm cloth and untied her from the table, she slumped into a heap, and rolled over on her side.

"Happy birthday." I said as she tried to get her body to stop shivering. I bent my mouth back to her pussy on the thick shag rug and ate her till she was clutching at my head and squeezing my head between soft thighs. "mmmmaaaa shit !" she said adding another orgasm to the countless ones before. Her voice was still horse from the savage face fuckings she had received from my two co horts. I spun into a 69 and rolled her orgasming body on top of me. She ground her sopping wet pussy in my face with her hands on my tight stomach. Her pussy parted to allow me to get both my lips inside hers and then she rode my face while stroking my hard dick. After another orgasm, she bent over and took me full into her mouth and throat. Now it was my turn to cry out as her hot mouth worked it's magic on my stiff tube of chocolate. My dick was a combination of my two friends in that it was as long as one and a bit thicker than the other\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\. Cassie had no challenge with it though. She bobbed and bobbed up and down until all I could do was just moan and grunt into her dripping pussy. Her ability to have o rgasm after orgasm had my head swimming. . After an extremely savage s equence of deep throating; Cassie rose and spun on top of me. Her wet p ussy re captured my dick and took it to the balls.

"Fuck !" was all I could say as she sat there with me fully inside her on the balls of her feet. Her hands were on my chest while her eyes rolled back in her head. Her head lolled freely on her neck. She was as hot as lava on me and I could feel the muscles she commanded squeezing and constricting me. >SMACK< "Ride this dick you sexy ass slut you!" I said >smack< laying another on her backside to get her going. She did. For the next half an hour Cassie bounced up and down on my stiff dick. I felt it hitting the bottom and bending inside her and still she dribbled her tight ass on my dick. I held her hips and pushed her down harder on my rising hips. Adding to the smacking force, that she had going off inside her. "Cum in me. Blow your load in me baby. Don't hold back. Give it to me. You know your slut wants her pussy creamed. Cream my pussy baby. Let me drain that big ass dick.

She kept on talking like that. The girl was delusional. She was definitely in the zone. My dick was 9 inches but she rode it like it was less than half that. I looked down and watched as her pussy split to accommodate the fat dick inside her . My hips were soaked with her wetness and her breasts bounced and made circles on her naked torso. She sat down on her knees and leaned back holding my balls. That did it. That was the cog that let the levy free. I felt it coming from long off and as it built, I could tell that it was gonna be an extreme orgasm. "you gonna cum for me baby?" she asked me in my delirium I didn't notice the mischievious look on her face. "Yes baby. Yes I am cumming." Her pace slowed immediately and then her strokes became slow as molasses. My eyes popped open and I looked down into that face and knew what was coming next. "Noooo !" I said as her pussy pulled free my dick and left it cool and flopping in the open air. Her mouth immediately followed the path that her pussy had just abandoned and she took me full to the balls in her tight throat. I came like old faithful. I held her head and for the first and only time I can remember...Cassie swallowed. She swallowed me and did not remove her mouth from my pulsing squirting dick until I was drained. Then she went down, licked her juices from my balls, and then sucked the remaining drips from the head of my softening love pole. I lay there half out of it, and watched as Cassie strolled to the doors. She threw back the shades, and opened the French doors to the balcony. The sun was dipping into the ocean and she looked like a goddess standing there naked with the sun behind her. Her beautiful body in silloette. Her hair dancing in the breeze. out on the balcony; I joined her with a hand on her tight waist. She turned eyes as blue as the ocean on me and smiled. "Thank you for the birthday present." "did you enjoy it?" "Yeah. A lot. I have never cum that much. " "Well you still seem to have a few left in there. "I said patting her naked ass. "The day aunt over yet." I added, and secretly hoped that she was cool for now, because I needed some recovery time. Plus that adventure in her asshole left the muscle of my dick sore. If she wanted some more though. I am sure I could work something else out. &#61514;

"for right now. I think a little later I might be willing to try for a little more." She fingered the bracelet on her wrist and let her blue eyes scan the horizon as the scattered clouds played chase in front of the swollen sun. I had no idea what she was thinking about and I didn't ask. Just enjoyed the moment, like Simon Says.

The Professor Is Put to the Test

The Professor Is Put to the Test [part 3 of 4]
By: Jay

"So we'll still see each other?" I asked hopefully.

Fawn had put her overalls back on and was attaching the clasps at the top. "Of course we will," she said. "I just told you about all those dreams I had about you."

"How 'bout if I pick you up Friday?" I suggested.

She got her cell phone out. She looked like she was looking at a calendar. "Only in the daytime," she said. "I'm working that night. Sunday?"

One nice thing about farming, it may take a lot of time, but one day of the week's pretty much as good as another as far as getting the work done. "You don't have class the next day?" I had to remind myself to say "class" instead of "school." The latter sounded too much like I was talking to a high school student.

"No, classes don't start till the next week. Sunday it is." She looked at me and read my mind. "Which means I can spend the night, if you work things out in your head that soon." She read my mind again. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean that the way it sounds. I mean, if you work out your angst."

I made a note to myself, in case her dreams ever came true, that she was intelligent enough to use "angst" in a sentence. I thought that was important genetic information. "That's okay. It must sound silly, having a sexy woman who's crazy in love with me and not trying to get her to do all kinds of bizarre, demeaning stuff for me." I got dressed and saw her to her car. I also got her address, which we had both missed in the discussion!

Before she opened her door, she stood on her toes and kissed me on the lips. "What you said? That's not silly; it's sweet. That's why I'll give you all the time you need."

Even though I was disappointed that she didn't spend the night, I felt relieved that I wouldn't see her for a few more days. I put a lot of physical effort into my chores. On Friday, I did a lot of physical work and mental work besides, so I was really ready for a good night's sleep when I went to bed, and it was only nine o'clock. A little after one, I awoke to one of my dogs barking outside. I thought I heard a voice outside, and I definitely heard a door creak. I put my robe and slippers on and went to look. I brought my cell phone in case I needed to call someone and describe what I saw.

I'm able to tell you pretty closely what time because I didn't even make it down the stairs before my cell phone rang. It lit up and showed me that it was 1:09 a.m. "Hi, Dave?" Whoever the woman was, she'd been drinking.

"This is Dave Leigler," I confirmed.

"Why don'tcha come out to your barn?" the voice asked.

I had just gotten to my living room. Fawn's car was in my driveway again. The lights were on, allowing me to see that no one was inside, but also that the barn door was open. "I'll be right there," I said hurriedly.

I was glad I'd already put my slippers on, since I didn't have to back for them. The light in the front room of the barn isn't a wall switch; it's a string attached at the light socket, and it's about three feet to the right of the table when you enter. That's probably why Fawn didn't turn it on when she entered. She was sitting on the table. "This bring back memories for you, Professor?" she asked. She opened her coat and flashed a light blue blouse and a short skirt. The blouse wasn't all that revealing, but she shook her torso so much that I thought one tit might come loose.

I turned the light on and answered, "No, I've never had a drunk girl in my barn before. What happened?"

"Today's Lindsay's birthday. Or, wait?" She looked at her watch. "Yesterday was her birthday. Anyway, I just left her party, and your place was on the way home, so I thought I'd see if you were up for some fun."

"Not in your condition," I said. I managed not to sound stern. I didn't want to sound like her dad.

"What condition?" Fawn giggled. "I'm not pregnant." She rubbed my hip. "Yet." She giggled some more.

"You need to go home," I said. It took a little more effort not to sound stern this time.

"Are you gonna screw me in my own bed?" she asked. "I've been dreaming about that, too! I think it was the ..." She was counting on her fingers, and she missed the thumb. "That was the fifth dream I had about you."

"I'll decide when I get there," I lied. "Get off the table so I can get you home." She did, and I put my arm around her. Her coat smelled like beer. It didn't even smell like the good beer that I buy when I go fishing with my best buddies. It was more like the empty beer cans that I usually find along my fence on January 2nd and July 5th. I walked her to her car and tried to open the passenger-side door. It was locked.

Fawn lay across the hood waiting for me to unlock it from the driver's side. "I used to wanna do this in a music video," she said. "Am I pretty enough?" She sounded like she genuinely doubted it.

"Don't sell yourself short," I told her. "You're too pretty to settle for that kind of work." I pulled on the handle of the other door as she got up. "It's locked," I said.

Now she stopped laughing. "Oh, shit." She motioned like she was getting ready to check her purse. "And my purse is in there, too, so I can't even call Triple A."

"That's just as well," I told her. "There's probably some rule where they're not allowed to help you if you're drunk."

Now she smiled. "I guess I'll have to stay here, then."

"Nothing doing," I said, and she stopped smiling. I was afraid of what might happen, and she was too drunk to give meaningful consent for it. I didn't want to tell her that, so I told her something equally true. "The first time you spend the night with me, I want it to be because you want to, not because you have to."

"Ohhh, Professor, ...," she said. Her tone suggested that she might have told me again how sweet I am if she'd finished her thought.

"So, I'll have to take you home myself." That brightened her up again. "Come in the house while I get my things." She followed me into the house happily. She also followed me up to my room. I took my robe and pajamas off. I was prepared to keep her away when I removed the bottoms, but she fell asleep on the bed. I finished getting dressed in peace, thinking that I had a new reason not to pursue a relationship with her. I put my coat on and went back to my room to get her up, wondering what her breath would smell like. I helped her up, and I didn't smell anything. I was glad I'd gotten her address when she was here last, since I couldn't have depended her on her giving it to me correctly now.

On the way, Fawn's speech seemed to clear up a little. She said, "You know, you can definitely fuck me tonight. My parents are out of town."

"Where are your brother and sister?"

"With my parents."

"We'll see," I said. Of course I had no more intention of sleeping with her drunk in her house than I did in my own. I just wanted to keep her awake so I could get her home. I found the house and walked her to her door. She pulled a set of keys out of her pocket and started to unlock the door. "Wait," I said. "If these are your keys, you could have gotten into your car."

"House keys," she said. "I keep 'em on a separate ring so I don't lose everything at once." She opened the door, walked in and turned around, inviting me in.

I did go in, but I helped her sit on the couch. "Not tonight," I said. "I've got a lot of chores to do tomorrow." Another nice thing about farming is that you always have that as an excuse if you need to leave. Seeing the disappointment in her eyes, I added, "But I've got a friend who's a locksmith. I'll call him tomorrow and we should be able to get your car to you in time for work." There was an afghan draped over a chair, and I pulled it over Fawn.

"Thanks," she said. "You're too nice."

The next morning my friend Al got the door open. We jump-started Fawn's car, and he followed me to her house. When he was driving me back, he said, "You must have really made an impression on your students, if they call you even when you've stopped teaching."

"You have no idea," was all I'd admit to him.

Sunday I drove to Fawn's house. She had the door open before I could knock. "Hi, Professor!" She was wearing a light blue blouse and matching skirt. She had a brown leather jacket over that, not zipped up. She also had flesh-colored hose on. As soon as I was inside the house, she kissed me and asked, "Where're we going?"

I had two plans. If she'd dressed casually, I was taking her to Pizza Hut. Since she dressed nicely, I told her, "Martinelli's. You ready?"

"I just need my purse," she said, and she picked it up off a desk by the door. "Is that the place just outside campus?"

"Same owners, different location. This one's close to my house. The consensus is that the food's good at both places, but the one we're going to has a nicer atmosphere."

"Nicer in what way?" Fawn asked.

We were in my truck by now. I acted like I was having trouble understanding the street signs, but I was trying to think of a way to avoid answering her question. When I couldn't, I blurted out, "Okay, you made me admit it. It's more romantic."

"There's nothing wrong with that. Why didn't you want to tell me?"

"Because it's like ruining a joke. It won't put you in a romantic mood if I tell you it's supposed to."

"I think it's romantic that you're trying to put me in a romantic mood when I've practically come out and told you that I wanna sleep with you."

We looked at each other awkwardly. "Practically?" I asked.

"Okay, it's not just 'practically' any more," Fawn chuckled. "So, how is it more romantic? Are there paintings of people making out? Does the chalkboard with the daily special dot the i's with little hearts?"

"I dunno. I've never actually eaten there; I'm just telling you what I've heard."

We talked more on the way and at the restaurant. It came out that her parents got married when her mom was 20 and her dad was 35. People talked about it, but not so much because of their ages. He was her basketball coach during her senior year of high school. Her maternal grandfather was her grandmother's boss at a shoe factory, and they got married at 30 and nineteen. In other words, her parents were the last people who'd judge me over our ages or how we knew each other.

The food was slightly more expensive than what you'd pay at a chain, which I suppose would impress a nineteen-year-old. They had a nice wine list, but I prevented the awkward conversation with the waiter by asking him up front what kind of soft drinks they had. The seats in the booths were soft, and the script on the menu was elegant, but there wasn't much else to suggest romance. Fawn seemed to respond to my letting it slip more than to the actual atmosphere. She rubbed my leg multiple times. I finally took the bait and put my hand on her leg. Feeling an otherwise bare thigh, I whispered, "A garter? The last time I saw one of these was in a movie set in the thirties. What will I find if I go higher?"

"See for yourself," Fawn purred.

"I don't want to get us thrown out. I'll save it for later."

"At your house?"

I resumed a normal volume. "Absolutely."

Fawn looked at me lustily through dinner. We had a rich cheesecake for dessert. Each piece had three cherries on it. Fawn picked one off and bit into it sexily. I picked one off mine and did the same. Fawn picked another off and fed it to me. I did the same. She cut a piece of the cheesecake off and fed that to me, and I did the same. I adjusted my dick under the table and whispered, "Let's enjoy the food, and then we can go." Fawn nodded in agreement. I called for the check the next time I saw the waiter. After I paid, I told Fawn to walk in front of me.

"What for?"

"I don't want the whole world to see my erection, but I do want 'em to see the beautiful woman who's responsible for it."

She stopped for a moment, and I ran into her butt. "That'll get you seconds," she said, moving just enough to get me even harder.

As soon as we were in the car, Fawn asked, "Are you as excited as I am?"

"I'm beyond excited," I said. "I feel like we learned a lot tonight."

"I just hope you can keep up with me," Fawn said boldly.

I sped home, grateful that there weren't any police cars on the side road that led to my house. When we got inside, I took Fawn's coat. "I see you wore underwear this time," I said.

"Disappointed?" Fawn asked.

"No, 'cause I know it's coming off soon."

"You sound confident," she said. She put her arms around me and kissed me.

"Should I not be?" I asked.

"You should be very confident," Fawn answered. I waited for her to tear her blouse open or something, but instead she laid her head on my chest and let out a contented sigh. She took off her heels, said, "Let's hit the sheets," and ran up the stairs.

I wanted to carry her to the bed, so I chased her. I got her ankle, and she stumbled, the top half of her body making it past the top step. I was glad I'd added carpet to the top floor and stairs after I bought the house. I came up behind her, my arm across her the whole time. Fawn turned over on her back and started unbuttoning my shirt. I kissed her, and neither one of us breathed until the last button was undone. When she did, I undid the top button of her blouse. She had a black strapless bra on. "Oh, this is too sexy for the stairs," I commented. "This definitely belongs on the floor of the bedroom."

I got off her so she could get up. When we were both at the top, I was standing between her and the hallway. I backed up so she was safely away from the stairs. I pulled her toward me for another kiss, and while I was doing it, I put my hand under her butt. I carried her to my bedroom and gently put her down. "No one's ever done that for me before," she cooed.

"I want to do a lot of things that you haven't done with anyone else before," I said.

"Like what?" Fawn asked.

I was dumfounded. "I?I don't know. I hadn't thought about what else there might be. Now, about that bra."

Fawn finished unbuttoning her blouse and took it off. "Come and get it," she said. She got on the bed and rolled over until she was on her back, near the window.

I took my shoes off and got on the bed. I climbed on top of her and kissed her lips again. The kiss was shorter than the one on the stairs but no less sensuous. I kissed a line down to the very lowest point above her cleavage. I gently grasped the top of the cup on my right. I lifted it and folded it over onto the lower half, allowing me to kiss the top of that breast. I did the same on my left, this time kissing the breast and then the cleavage. Fawn sat up. That was one supportive bra, because it still held her breasts in. I reached around and found the clasps. While I undid the clasps, Fawn kissed various places on my face and ran her fingers up and down my back, the same way I'd done in the barn. I pulled the right side of her bra toward me, and Fawn lay back. I pulled the loose side out and across her chest. Fawn pulled it the rest of the way and dangled it sensuously over the side of the bed before she let it fall. When she'd done that, I put my arms under her and resumed loving her boobs while she rubbed my shoulders. I kissed the top of the one on my left. I ran my fingers up and down her spine, prompting her to press a little harder on my shoulder. Then I licked the underside of her breast and sucked on the nipple for a few seconds. I moved to the other breast, and this time I did the same thing in the opposite order. When I'd done that, I kissed the space between her breasts, separating them as I moved down.

I could feel my raging erection again, and I looked up at Fawn. "If I take my pants off, can I add to the list of things you've never done before?"

"Yeah, you'd be the first, but it wouldn't matter to me."

"What do you mean?"

"Before my first time having actual sex, you know, a dick in my pussy, I used to daydream about titty-fucking. That's what you're talking about, isn't it?" I nodded. "Well, the other night, when we were really into it, I leaned back and you came all over the place, mostly my belly, but a little on here, too." She put her hands on the tops of her tits. "I liked that better than I ever thought I'd like titty-fucking. But if you want to, sure, we can do that."

"That's okay," I said. "Tell you what, let's get the rest of our clothes off. We can just sorta fool around, and when I'm ready to come, we'll do the same thing as before."

"That sounds great," Fawn said, "but instead of just stripping, I wanna get your clothes off, and you can do mine."

"That's my favorite way to do it," I agreed. I stood up straight on my knees. "Have at it!"

Fawn undid my belt buckle. It was my basic black leather belt, since I wanted to look nice for Martinelli's. She undid the button of my pants and unzipped the fly to see my new boxers. "Hmm," she said.


"I was kinda hoping you went commando, like I did the last time I was here."

"Not with these pants on," I said.

"Well, let me take care of that," Fawn answered. She pulled them down to my knees. I rolled onto my back, and she pulled them off. She removed the boxers and stroked my cock a few times.

"Don't stay there too long," I advised her. "It'll spoil the build-up. Besides, I've been waiting to see what you have on." Fawn lay back again without letting go of my cock. I undid her skirt and pulled it away. Her stockings were attached by garters, as I'd remembered, but to a black pair of crotchless panties! It took no small amount of agility on both our parts for her to keep stroking my cock while I undid the garters. Once I had them off, though, it was easy. I crawled over her in the opposite direction, and Fawn went back to stroking my dick. I pulled the stockings down to the knees and kissed the lower part of each thigh. I pulled them down to the calf and caressed the upper shin. By the time I had the stockings down to her ankles, she was licking up and down my shaft. I rubbed each calf and each heel. Once I got the garters off, I sucked each toe into my mouth.

When I'd done all ten, I turned around and started stroking her pussy. She tried to push my hand away, protesting, "I'm not naked yet!"

"With those, you don't need to be," I reminded her.

At that point, I had three fingers inside her. "Three!" she shouted. "Another first time!" I added my thumb so I could stroke her clit at the same time. "Oh, God!" she screamed. "Dave! Dave, I love you!"

I slowed the pace enough that I could tell her clearly, "I love you, too, Fawn." I reached down and let my cock stroke her leg. "Can you tell?"

"Mmm-hmmm," she said. She put her hand on my chest and said, "Then fill me with your seed."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" I said.

"Yeahhh," she moaned. "Did I mention I'm on the horniest part of my cycle?"

I had the presence of mind this time to ask, "You're still on the Pill, aren't you?"

"Uh-huh," she said, and she climbed over me. "I forgot the last couple mornings, but I'll take 'em tomorrow, and it'll be fine."

Red flag! Red flag! I pushed her onto her back. "Hold on!" I said, and I started to get off the bed.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

This should have been my cue to send her home, but my dick still had most of the control. I found the condoms I'd left in my drawer the last time Joan and I made love. "Nothing, any more," I told her.

"Gimme those," she growled. She got one open and put it on my dick one-handed.

"You act like you've had practice," I said.

"It's the only foreplay I ever got from Dale," she explained. "One day I'm gonna try it with my mouth."

"I hope?"

"Yeah, it'll be you, I promise," Fawn interrupted as she pushed me back onto the bed. She crawled up until her pussy was directly over my cock. Raising her hands in the air, she impaled herself on me unassisted. "Hey, these ribbed ones really do feel good."

"Damn, that panty's even hotter than I realized," I told her. "I can see my cock going in and out of you through the hem. Does that feel as naughty as it looks?"

"Not yet," she said. She reached down with her right hand and started playing with her pussy through that same opening. "This feels naughty." She pounded her butt into my hips harder and harder. Her moans went from "Oh, yeah," to "Oh, fuck," to words that were unintelligible. Her voice must have risen two octaves. I wondered if this was what charismatics sound like when they speak in tongues. She came back down a little and said, "Dave! Dave! I'm totally yours!" She ground hard onto my cock and squeezed her muscles. "See, you taught me well! You're a hell of a teacher."

I was having one of those orgasms where it feels like your skull is imploding. I sounded like someone trying to make fun of how retarded people talk, but I'm pretty sure she understood that I was coming. When a minimal amount of oxygen returned to my brain, I was able to say, "And you're by far my best student."

Fawn came down and lay on my chest, not letting me out of her. We lay there for a few minutes, collecting our breaths. Finally, she asked, "Did you mean what you said before?"

"Of course. I mean, I haven't heard how things turned out for anyone else that I taught that to?"

"No, when you said you love me. Was that you talking, or just your dick?"

"It was my heart talking," I assured her. "But my brain and my dick were right there cheering."

Eventually she rolled off me, and we fell asleep, still entwined. As I drifted into what I like to call the love coma, I hoped we'd make love again in the morning. After all, I'd come in her pussy, but I hadn't come on her chest like she wanted. Instead, I literally woke up and smelled the coffee. I felt a cool spot on my thigh. I moved my hand around and threw out the condom that had remained in place after I fell asleep. I put on a bathrobe and headed downstairs. Fawn had put her clothes back on and made a fresh pot of coffee. "I hope I made it right," she said. "I did it the way we do it at work." She looked at the refrigerator and added, "I didn't see anything in there that I could make for breakfast."

Since she was dressed, there was no point in making a sausage joke. I kissed her and said, "We can get something on the way to your house. Next time I'll have things ready."

"When'll that be?" Fawn asked.

"I've got a lot to do, but I can arrange my work for any night that works for you."

"My next night off is Tuesday, but I'm babysitting my nephew. How's Thursday?"

"Great," I said. "Six o'clock?"

"Sure, but this time I'll come here. And you're almost there," she added.

"Almost where?"

"You'll find out soon enough," was all she'd say.

PART 4: We find out what Fawn meant.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fantasy #5

Fantasy #5
By: Prybar (

The speedometer needle hovered just under 100 mph. The sunroof was open, and I had the stereo cranked up. Twas a wonderful way to spend a mid September vacation morning.

In 1979, nobody worried much over how fast you drove on the remote two lane highways in Nevada. You took your own chances and paid your own dues, out in the middle of nowhere. Besides, the NHP only had a few cars to cover the whole state, so my chances of getting busted were pretty slim.

My BMW was built for the Autobahn, so I probably could have asked it for ten or twenty more mph, and the car wouldn't have objected. But I wasn't in any real hurry, and the scenery was so special I wanted to be able to look around without worrying about wandering onto the shoulder. That could have been embarrassing at that speed.

A wall of mountains loomed along the western horizon. I knew the aspens were turning up there, but they were just too far away to see. I watched for and found that little jeep road that I knew left the highway and disappeared into the jagged country to the east. Someday I was going to have to follow that thing and see where it went. But, not in a BMW. Not today.

There wasn't a building in sight, and I hadn't seen but two or three cars since I left Wells nearly an hour earlier. The car and I burrowed through one of the more deserted parts of a deserted state. It was great!

Not one cloud sullied a perfect blue sky. The sun that morning took the edge off the chill air, but I still had the thick chamois shirt buttoned up to my neck to moderate the effect of the wind coming in through the roof. There was no California smog or pollen to corrupt the air. The clean air cleared the perpetual frog from my throat, and I sang along with the stereo, loudly and without my usual self-consciousness. Nobody around to hear how bad I sounded, anyway.

About fifteen miles shy of the Idaho line, I spotted a car in my mirror, coming up from behind. It was just a speck on the horizon, but on the off chance that it was a cop, I lifted off the throttle a bit and kept my eye on it. Whoever was driving that thing, or more correctly piloting it, was flying. The speck grew as I watched, and it soon became obvious that there were no lights on the roof, so I put the hammer back down. I was going a hundred again, and that car caught me like I was standing still.

I soon recognized the familiar roofline of a Porsche. My Beemer was quick, but the Porsche was fast. No wonder it caught me so easily. I figured to get passed in the blink of an eye, but just as it caught up to me, we crossed the Jackpot town limit, and the 35 mph speed limit sign. That is one speed limit that is enforced in Nevada, what with all the geezers crossing the road, and the tourists not watching where they are going, so the authorities have learned not to let folks motor through there too quickly.

So I dutifully stuck the needle on 35, and the Porsche impatiently followed, about one car length behind, as we passed between the casinos. All I could see of the driver in my mirror was a black baseball cap.

Getting passed by fast exotic cars on the back roads of Nevada was not uncommon back then. The rich guys took their Ferraris and Cobras and such out on the empty highways, because they could really open em up. Usually you saw such toys when you were closer to Reno or Las Vegas. That kind of money gravitated to those cities. They might fly over this end of Nevada in their private jets, but they rarely actually came here. And this Porsche had California plates. What do you suppose it was doing this far out?

Two big trucks pulled onto the highway just in front of me as we approached the state line. This was not a good thing, for I knew I wasn't going to pass them in the first few miles north of town. What with the hill and those curves, it was posted no passing for quite a while. And the Idaho Highway Patrol liked to hang out near the border with their radar, just waiting for the eager ones.

So I settled in behind the semis, patiently waiting for them to pick up some speed, but they were clearly running heavy, and we weren't going anywhere fast. So I checked out the Porsche again. As I watched, the driver punched it and pulled across the double yellow into the other lane. As it pulled beside me, I got my first look at the driver. She was blonde, beautiful, and clearly fast.

Oh my lord. She was right out of Sexual Fantasy #5! Except she kept right on going. On a blind, uphill corner, she passed me and two semis, and then disappeared into Idaho, and out of my life.

You remember Fantasy #5. Southern California blonde, ponytail hanging out the back of a baseball cap, long legs, tanned and fit. Porsche Targa, with the roof open, and not a cop in sight. In the fantasy you race her, or you stop to help her out on the road, or she picks you up while hitch-hiking. She has a name like Cherry.

She's got a body that wouldn't just stop a clock, it would melt it. Dancer's legs, white hip hugger pants, flat tummy, that gap between her thighs just below the crotch, and the top two buttons causally left undone on her blouse, calculated to reveal the bulge of her breasts in that low cut bra. Funny how all the women in my fantasies wear the same clothes as the ladies I lusted after in high school and college, even though it's years later, and those styles have long since departed.

She bends over all the time in your dream, when she greets you, when she gets in and out of the car, when she asks your help cause the Porsche won't start. So from the front you get the great look down the front of her blouse, at those jiggling tits and the nipple that just barely peers around the edge of her bra. Or from the back, her ass is hanging around just under your nose, as if she can't wait for you to slide in there and poke her with that prodigious cock of yours.

You get the Porsche started for her, and she gives you a sweet look.

"Oh, you are so good with your hands! Are you that good at everything?"

You drop a little hint back at her, and with a sly smile she asks if that means you were planning to set aside some time to make her really happy too, as the blouse falls open and the tits spill out. And you do and she does, and the two of you have just a fine time.

She is rich, and gorgeous, and hot, and she can't get enough of you. She acts demur, but sucks cock like a pro. And whatever you try on her drives her from one climax to the next, with nary a break in between.

Don't ya just love Fantasy #5? Geez, it's always been one of my favorites.

Well, it wasn't happening that morning. I was still sitting behind two big trucks, sucking down diesel exhaust, grinding up the hill at 40 mph, and there was just no way I would be able to catch up with this beauty now. She was gonna be so gone by the time I got past this moving roadblock. And let's face it; she didn't even glance my way when she passed. I quickly realized she wasn't going to be groaning under my panting passion any time soon.

Oh well, such is the fate of most fantasies. I was still on vacation, the day was still lovely, and there, finally, was a bit of clear road, and I could pass those trucks. So I just got on with my trip.

Still wary of those highway patrol radar traps, I settled in at a legal 65 for the last forty miles to Twin Falls. I could be in Jackson Hole by late afternoon at this pace, so I felt no need to hurry. The air rushing in through my sunroof was scented with fresh mown hay, and I had not a care in the world.

I almost blew right by the Porsche without seeing it. Miss blonde lady had pulled into the gravel lot next to the truck scales, and she was standing beside her parked car looking totally disconsolate. I didn't know what was up, but what kind of man would I be if I didn't stop to find out?

I got on the binders and turned in beside her. The dust cloud I created as I slid into the gravel parking lot caught up to me as I parked, swirling around our cars and making her blink in distress.

"Sorry about that!"

"Jeez, you fucking idiot! Slow the fuck down!"

I always try to make a good first impression with the ladies. That's how I win so many over in the initial few minutes.

"Hey, I said I was sorry. You looked like you could use some help, so I thought I would offer. I can leave if that will make you happy."

"Oh don't leave! I'm out of gas! I don't know what went wrong. I knew I was running on empty, and I might not make it to Twin Falls, so I floored it. I thought if I went faster, I would get there sooner, and I'd have more gas left."

Briefly, I considered explaining the hole in her theory, but somehow I figured that would go right over her head, or perhaps clean through from one ear to the other. I almost asked her to drop her pants right then, so I could see for myself if she really was that blonde. But that would have been mean. And deep down inside I am a nice guy. So I just offered her a lift into town to fetch some gas.

I did try to make small talk with her on the way, but she wasn't talking much. At least I got a chance to check her out up close. She was a looker. She didn't have the white hip hugger pants, but her designer jeans had been painted on those dancer's legs and they looked plenty good enough.

And she had left the top buttons undone on her blouse, as per my fantasy, so I got the good look at the bulging breasts, barely constrained by a frilly low-cut bra, when I held the door for her to get into my car. The seat belt settled in between her breasts, accentuating the twin bulges. I'm not going to pretend here that the thought of her fitting into Fantasy #5 didn't slip into my mind when I saw that, but she was so darn hostile, I quickly pushed any erotic thoughts out of my head.

The first service station on the edge of town wasn't the cheapest, but she was in a hurry for her gas, so we stopped there. We needed to buy a new gas can, and then three gallons of gas, and that's when she told me she left her purse in the Porsche, and so I got to pay for it all. And then it was thirty more minutes of silence as I drove her back to her car. I saw a Porsche that looked just like hers driving north, right before we got back to her car. I didn't say a word.

When I slowed to turn into the weigh station parking lot, my pretty passenger snapped upright and started looking around. The only thing in the whole empty place was one 5 gallon plastic gas can sitting forlornly on the gravel.

"Where's my car? Where's my car!?! My fucking car is gone!!"

Sure enough, no Porsche. Unless you consider the one I had just seen speeding north on 93. When I mentioned that one, I got my head handed me again.

"You saw my car? Why didn't you say something? Somebody stole my car, and you didn't say a word?"

I grabbed her wrists to keep her from hitting me again. I did not need that shit. Not on top of all the other abuse.

"You left your purse in the car, right? I was just wondering if you left the keys in the ignition, too."

She got this funny look on her face.

I turned and headed for my car.

"Where are you going?"

"Lady, I'd like to thank you for a fun morning, but I have places to go and people to meet."

"But, my car! You've got to help me! We have to go after him!"

"Maybe you do, but this is no longer any of my business. Have a nice day."

The crying thing always gets me. When I turned to look back at her she was crumbled in a pile on the gravel, next to the gas can, between the two skid marks that memorialized the launch of her missing Porsche, sobbing. Shit!

"All right! Get in. But keep that precious mouth of yours shut."

I didn't hold the door for her this time. I just fired it up and headed north, just a bit quicker than the legal limit.

"Can't you go any faster?"

"Lady, we aren't gonna catch a Porsche that has a half-hour head start on us. And I'm not getting a ticket on your account."

Topping a small rise, we were greeted by the flashing red and blue lights of an Idaho Highway Patrol cruiser that was sitting on the right shoulder. Instinctually, my right foot lifted off the accelerator, even though I could see the cop already had someone pulled over for speeding. But maybe this was my chance to ditch one bitchy blonde Porsche driver. I would leave her to report her theft to the authorities, and I could be on my way.

And then the news got even better, for parked on the shoulder in front of the cop was one beige Porsche Targa. I pulled over just in front of it. And my passenger bailed out shouting.

"That's my car! That bastard stole my car!"

What happened next was just a bit exciting. The cop apparently looked upon folks who just dropped into his traffic stops as cause for some concern, so he already had one eye on us and a hand on the grip of his handgun when the blonde lady popped out of my car screaming. And since the driver of the Porsche was having a little trouble matching his paperwork with the registration in the glove box, the cop was already in a bad mood. So after staring down the barrel of a 9 mm Sig-Sauer, we all got to lay face down on the ground with our hands on our heads and our legs crossed at the ankles. This day just kept getting better and better.

At least we got to stand up and try to explain ourselves about an hour later, when the other two cop cars arrived. I was able to keep my car and my freedom, and nobody gunned down the blonde lady, even though she made herself a fine candidate for such treatment, what with all the shit she piled on everyone.

The cops arrested the crook, and they towed the Porsche, with the purse sitting on the front seat. And then they were off to some other emergency, having been fetched by the radios in their cars. They left the blonde lady standing on the side of the road, twenty miles south of anywhere. And there was no one left to take care of her save me.

She was broke, and couldn't get her purse or her car until the next day. We frittered away the afternoon in the lobby of the IHP office, but the lady who handled the necessary paperwork wasn't working. She was a barrel racer, and the rodeo was in town.

There was no place for my blonde lady to go, so guess what happened to my little trip to Jackson Hole? It went on the back burner. Of course, there was only one motel room left in the whole place. And we got to share.

And you were wondering when I'd get back around to Fantasy #5. Yeah, me too. Cause something good had to come of all this.

"This is it?"

That would be her pronouncement upon viewing our room for the night.

"I can't believe this is happening to me!

That would be her summation of the day's events.

"There's only one bed!"

"Lady! Shut the fuck up! You ran out of gas. You left your purse in the car. You left the keys in the ignition. Everybody in southern Idaho, except for one misguided car thief, has been trying to help you throughout this whole damn day. And all you can do is bitch. So I repeat; Shut the fuck up!"

There had to be a bottle of Jack Daniels somewhere in that damn town, so I went looking for it. Took me about a half hour. When I returned she wasn't in the room, but I could hear the shower running in the john. I headed down to the office for a bucket of ice. She was still in the shower when I got back.

I hate those flimsy plastic motel cups, by they are a darn sight more tolerable when filled with Jack and ice, so I set about improving one of them. I soon had a better outlook on life. And the scenery got a whole lot better, too.

I chose a chair at the little table by the window, leaving the bed to my grouchy room mate. The curtain was closed, so the room was dark. The light was on in the john, and the shower was reflected in the mirror. Where I sat in the dark, I figured I didn't exist. So when she finally turned off the shower and pulled back the curtain, I had the front row seat.

I had to admit she looked pretty good wet. And she looked damn good naked. For one thing, she really was blonde. She had trimmed her blonde bush down to just a landing strip, which happens to be my favorite, and with her trim figure and long legs, it highlighted her pussy nicely. The tan line suggested that she preferred a thong bikini.

Her breasts were truly a collector's delight. Firm, upright, with pure white skin contrasting with her tan, and those perky erect nipples. They jiggled slightly as she toweled off her hair. I suppose I could have said something to let her know I was in the room, but at that point I didn't think I owed her much, and in fact I figured I was just collecting on a debt. So I just enjoyed the show as she slowly and carefully dried every damn inch of skin on that fine body.

I watched as she wrapped a towel around her hair, and a second one around her torso. Then she stepped into the room.

"Oh, you're back."


Her eyes settled on the bottle of whiskey.

"Want some?"

"Oh god, I'd love a drink."

"Help yourself."

I'd be damned, but I wasn't gonna pour her a drink. She could get it her own damn self. Besides, I enjoyed watching her walk across the room in a towel that barely contained those fine breasts and gave tempting glimpses of her butt cheeks and even the back of her pussy as she mixed her drink.

She came over and sat in the other chair, across the table from me. She closed her eyes as she sipped her drink. Setting the glass down, she looked me right in the eye. I did my level best to lock my eyes on hers, but they really wanted to wander down to where I noticed the towel wrap working loose from where it covered her tits. She smiled at me.

"I've been a complete boob. I am so sorry. You are right. You've been helping me all day, and missing out on your vacation, and I've just treated you like shit. I'm sorry."

"Oh, that's ok. Everybody has a bad day every once in a while."

"No, I mean it. I'm really sorry!"

"Fine, I accept your apology. Are you about ready for some dinner?"

"I'd buy you dinner if I could, but I don't have a dime."

"That's all right. My treat."

I gave her a smile with that, and she smiled back. Then she stood up and walked in front of me.

"Can I have a hug?"

I stood as well, and wrapped my arms around her shoulders, pressing her into me in a nice healthy bear hug. Her damp hair just under my nose smelled real good. Those breasts felt pretty good, as well. She let loose a little humming noise that sounded good, too. Then she pulled back slightly and looked up into my eyes. That's when the towel finally gave up and fell to the floor. I peered down at those luscious tits that were filling the distance between us.

"Oops, I lost my towel. Too bad."

She ran her hand up to the back of my head and pulled me down to her lips. The breasts smashed into my chest again, this time without all that un-necessary padding from the towel. My hands slid down to the small of her back, and I pressed her in close. She made that humming noise again.

She pulled back so she could attack the buttons on my shirt. I shrugged the shirt off and let it drop to the floor. Her fingers were working quickly to even things up for us, since she didn't have a stitch on, and my pants soon joined the shirt. Her breasts swayed with her exertion, and heaved up and down with her breathing. She tried to hug me again, but something got in the way. So she grabbed my cock and moved him to the side so she could get close. One hand stroked my cock, while the other was behind my head as she rammed her tongue into my mouth. I had one hand on her breast and the other slid down her butt crack to the back of her pussy, which was already open and slick. She pulled her legs apart to grant me entrance. We were both moaning and trying to suck each other's lips off.

I guess that meant we were now friends.

When we came up for air, she took my hand and walking backward, she tugged me over to the bed. Falling back, she pulled me down on top of her. Her legs parted and I settled in between. As her knees came up, she immediately reached down and guided my stiff cock into her. I guess extended foreplay wasn't on her mind at the time.

Neither of us wasted much time. As my thick rod worked its way into her she let out a gasp, and when I pressed firmly into her mound she wrapped her legs around my waist tighter than anyone down at the rodeo, and with a cry she tossed her head back and twitched and contorted beneath me. She didn't even give me a chance to move in her before she came the first time.

She finally relaxed enough for me to start working in and out, and with each thrust she let out a soft grunt. Her pussy clamped down on my cock as she quickly came again. Her fingernails raked my back and when I leaned down to nuzzle her neck she crushed me into her with her arms, while working her crotch back and forth against mine.

Her hands came up against my shoulders and she pushed me over onto my back, so she could mount me. Sitting straight up, impaled on my cock, she worked herself back and forth on me, tits flailing as she massaged my nipples with her fingers. I reached up and grabbed for her tits, and she came again when I pinched her nipples.

I was trying to be a good boy, and I held myself from coming as long as I could, but the sensation of her tight pussy clamping onto my cock, and her pinching my nipples, and the sweet sounds she made each time she came finally got to me, and since it would be easier to come through my cock than to blow off the top of my head, I finally let it go. I could see her pupils dilate when she felt my cock surge inside her. I always grow a mite right as I come, and she certainly felt the difference. She stared straight into my eyes as I shot into her, and with each spurt my pleasure magnified because she timed squeezing her pussy around me with each shot. She milked ever drop out without once needing her hands.

Then, with her collapsed on top of me, we settled in for some quiet recovery. She was breathing gently into my ear as she fell asleep. My soft cock finally slid out of her, and she twitched slightly in her sleep. And my cum slowly dripped out of her, drip, drip, drip, onto my balls. I could think of worse ways to spend an evening.

She was quietly watching me when I woke. Still lying on top of me, her face hovered just above mine.


"Hi yourself."

"I was sleeping so nicely, and then something started poking me in the crotch. It woke me right up."

I realized my cock was erect again, and it was gently rubbing up and down against her pussy with our breathing. It took little maneuvering on our part to re-aim him and let him slide back in. She let out a sigh and began moving back and forth on me again, working my cock in and out of her, and grinding her clit between us. Moments later, she came with a grunt. Smiling, she looked down on me.

"You're good for me, mister. I haven't felt this nice in a long time."

"Yeah, well I'm not feeling too bad, either."

"I hate to break up the mood, but I'm getting really hungry. Do you suppose we could go get something to eat? I promise we can finish this up later."

"Sure lady. Go get yourself dressed."

She was splashing some water on her face in the john when I walked in. My cock was bouncing around in front of me.

"Oh, we can't leave him like that now, can we?"

So she dropped to her knees and grabbed my erect cock, licking her juices off the end. Soon she was sucking and stroking with enthusiasm. And I was groaning with pleasure. I was just about ready to come again, when she stopped sucking and stood up.

"Pardon my selfishness, but I'd like a little more of that."

She hopped up on the bathroom counter and spread her legs. Her pussy gaped open, inviting me in. I had no objections to that. I didn't last long, for the pump was well primed, but she still managed to come again before it did. I filled her with my load, and then we laughed together as the neighbor in the next room started pounding on the wall.

We dressed quickly and headed out for some eats.

Twin Falls shuts down early, but with the rodeo in town we found a restaurant that was still open. We were waiting for our steaks when she looked up at me and smiled.

"What's with the wry smile?"

"Oh, I was just wondering. I'm Sherie. What's your name?"

"Wow, now there's a novel idea. Actual introductions. I hate rushing into these things, but I guess we've been through enough today. So, I'm Frank. Pleased to meet ya."

"This has been a totally amazing day, Frank. You rescued me on the side of the road, and then you made love to me over and over again. And here's to having another go at that."

She raised her wine glass, and as we clinked glasses I felt her hand slither up my thigh and settle around my growing cock, somewhere down under the table. She looked me right in the eye and asked,

"Do you belief in premonitions?"

"Yeah, sometimes. Why?"

"Well, I had this dream last night, and you are not going to believe it, but I dreamed about a perfect stranger, and my Porsche, and how he helped me out on the side of the road. And in my dream we made love, just like you and I did today. He was fantastic in bed, just like you. Imagine that, a sexual fantasy that came true."

And she gave my cock another squeeze.

"Yeah, imagine that."